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Out of Sight and Out of Mind, sewer cleaning is likely not on the top of much people's to do list. It is very easy to forget about them, however, a sewer is one of the most important systems in any building and is important just like any other system within your business, they need to be maintained to keep them functioning properly. Having your sewer cleaned, reduces the risk of getting backed up and flooding the property internally as well as externally.

Why Does A Sewer Need Cleaned Over time, the sewer can become blocked and damaged, the pipework can develop recurring blockages or tree roots, or over time the pipework may start to sag and collect debris, including grease etc., creating blockages. Maintenance cleaning is the best way to remove blockages that begin to form. By removing these partial blockages, costly issues such as water backing up into premises and flooding can be avoided. Signs of A Blocked Drain

  • There is a persistent gurgling coming from your pipes. This often means that water and air are backing up into your pipes and that a blockage could be imminent.

  • Signs of flooding around your business. There may be signs of water in a basement or around the base of walls.

  • The drains start running slowly. This is a certain sign that there is a blockage somewhere in the drainage lines.

  • A backup occurs and immediate attention is required to prevent flooding and damage to property. Service Sectors Covered Water and Utilities Construction Roads and Highways Railways Local Authorities Hospitals Hospitality Insurance Retail Manufacturing Leisure Education Property Management Facilities Management Warehouse and Logistics Sewer cleaning can part of a regular maintenance, if you want to discuss the various drain maintenance we can provide, please call us on 01224 701788 for more information.


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