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Diamond Drainage provide experienced emergency flood repsonse teams and specialist equipment for the removal of flood water  in Aberderdeen and Aberdeenshire

Road And Carpark Gullies Cleaning

Genuine 24/7 Service

Fast, Efficient And Affordable 

Experienced Team

Trusted And Accredited

Flexible and Personal Service

Road And Carpark Gullies
Cleaning And Debris Removal  Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

For years, Diamond Drainage has been providing the best cleaning and maintenance services for the drainage and wastewater management sector. With record levels of rainfall, it has never been more important to ensure clean and maintained gullies and associated pipeworks. With our expertise, you can rest assured that these vital assets are functioning properly, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Safe Guarding The Environment
Adverse Weathererdeen and Aberdeenshire

Diamond Drainage offer a fleet of tankers, equipped with the latest jetting and suction technology, to tackle all your liquid waste and drainage issues. Our expert technicians provide timely and efficient services, ensuring that your roads and car parks remain free from potentially dangerous flooding and other liquid waste.

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Flood Response Teams
Fully Equipped And Experienced

As one of the leading drainage companies in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, Diamond Drainage offer reliable gully emptying services to private clients, local authorities and construction companies. Our team of experienced professionals use high-pressure water jetting and vacuum to clean your gully and ensure it is functioning effectively. Trust us to provide excellent service every time.

Controlling Wastewater Safeguards Public Health And Protects The Local Environment, We Have Been Proudly Serving Our Local Residential Communities And Business In Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Surrounding Areas For Over A Decade

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