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Diamond Drainage provide experienced teams and specialist equipment for desilting and silt removal and pipeline maintenance in Aberdeen and all over Aberdeenshire

Outfall Pipeline Cleaning

Genuine 24/7 Service

Fast, Efficient And Affordable 

Experienced Team

Trusted And Accredited

Flexible and Personal Service

Outfall Pipeline Cleaning

All Diameters And Length

Diamond Drainage provides specialized outfall pipeline cleaning services using cutting-edge equipment designed to clean pipelines of various lengths and diameters. Our experienced technicians are trained to safely and effectively remove debris and sediment build-up so that your outfall pipeline can run efficiently without any disruptions. 

High Pressure Water Jetting

Jetvac Tankers

Diamond Drainage offers an efficient and effective high-pressure water jetting service, thanks to our state-of-the-art technologies. Our Jetvac units combines the power of water jetting with vacuum capability, ensuring that we can tackle any blockage or debris quickly and comprehensively. Choose us for a reliable and professional service.


Pipeline Cleaning For All Industry

Various Specialist Units

At Diamond Drainage, we provide pipeline cleaning services for a range of industries, from oil and gas to food processing. Our experienced professionals use the latest techniques and technology to deliver efficient and effective cleaning solutions. We understand that every industry sector has its unique challenges, so we work closely with our clients to create tailored cleaning programs that meet their specific needs and objectives.

Controlling Wastewater Safeguards Public Health And Protects The Local Environment, We Have Been Proudly Serving Our Local Residential Communities And Business In Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Surrounding Areas For Over A Decade

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