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Drain mapping improves the serviceability and performance of the wastewater network and can reduce the frequency of drain and sewer blockages, both internally and externally, preventing and reducing property flooding, drain and sewer collapses and identify any potential problems and/or pollution.

Our Drain Mapping Service includes mapping all manholes and identify how the drainage onsite connects, which direction of flow and where the drainage outfall are located.

Our superior CCTV survey equipment can trace and map

  • Underground Pipes

  • Map Connections

  • Assess Structural Integrity

The advanced Internet and mobile-based sewer and drain asset management systems, combined with established Wincan survey packages can provide real time data and analysis with reports, together with a schedule of recommendations and remedial works.

Detailed mapping can be tailored to individual company requirements and can include:

Pre-Length of CCTV Survey

Post-survey Length

Length of sewer cleaned by diameter of pipeline

Cause of debris i.e. FOG, silts etc.

Waste removal

Fast track rehabilitation

Length of pipe by service Type

Structural Pipe Grade

Interceptor trap location

Manhole surveys and more.

Drain mapping is an important aspect to any company in providing a full picture of the drainage system with internal and external drain connections, direction of water flow, and where all the chambers and manhole covers are. The surveys provides a better understanding of the functions of the drain network and creates a more informed position. Drain mapping will also establish the boundaries and what the company is responsible for on the property. Any planned building or site alterations taking into account the drainage can help to avoid unnecessary damage to the drainage network and will point out the accurate location and depth of the drain infrastructure can aid planning prior to excavation work begins, Our drain mapping service can also be used to manage flood prevention and pollution prevention.

If you require further information on our drain mapping service or cost, please call us on 01224 701788 or enquire through our request a quote at the top of our webpage.


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