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We are local and independent company passionate about providing a local, cost-effective septic tank and drainage service to our local communities in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Septic Tank Terms And Conditions

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Septic Tank Cleaning
Two Levels Of Service

Diamond Drainage provide a comprehensive septic tank, cesspit and domestic wastewater treatment plant tank emptying service.  As a local independent company we are dedicated to provide a cost-effective service to our local communities in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and provide an emergency based and a scheduled service.

Septic Tank Empty 

We offer an emergency based septic tank emptying service, we will aim to attend as a same day service or the next day where possible. 

Local Septic Tank Emptying Service in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Septic Tank Empty

On an scheduled basis we will endeavour to empty your septic tank within 10 working days of your request.

Septic tank Tanker Emptying Service in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

The cost quoted to empty your septic tank will be based on the following conditions:

Septic Tank Emptying Conditions

  • Our tanker driver will confirm that they have arrived at your property. When the tank has been emptied our office will email you a job report, including details of the work carried out. 

  • Due to the widespread location of tanks and their varying sizes the tanker routes are programmed on a weekly basis it's generally not possible to provide an exact time when our tanker will arrive.

  • We programme our route according to numbers in any geographic area. It's unlikely we can accept requests to provide services on a particular day, but will endeavour to accommodate your special requests.

Access And Safety Requirements

  • We will let you know which day our tanker is likely to arrive.

  • Make sure your tank is accessible for our tankers

  • Remove any earth or debris from the tank lid and ensure that the covers are exposed and ready for lifting

  • The tank lid should be capable of being safely lifted by one person and if a second person is required an additional charge will be applied

  • The tankers are large vehicles and generally a 8 wheel tanker

  • To be able to provide our tank emptying service we must have clear access, by road and hardstanding, to within 25 metres of the septic tank. 

  • If the only access to your tank is through a neighbouring property, you are responsible for obtaining your neighbour’s written consent, and also for any unavoidable damage caused. This consent must be provided prior to us carrying out the tank empty. Any costs arising from shared access will be re-chargeable to you.

  • Our tanker driver will do a risk assessment,  if the work cannot be carried out safely, or will put undue strain on the onboard pump, we will have to postpone the tank empty and an abortive visit charge will be applied. 

  • If the layout of your property prevents our tanker from gaining proper access then we may not be able to provide the septic tank empty service. The decision on whether or not the tank is accessible is decided at the sole discretion of our tanker driver. If the tank cannot be emptied due to access a call out charge will be applied.

  • Any restricted access out with our control to empty your tank will incur a call out charge to you. 

  • If you have any doubt about the accessibility of your septic tank, please call on 01224 701788 to discuss

Emptying Your Tank

  • We will empty your tank at the cost quoted on the basis that the tank is  located between 25 metres and 40 metres from the tanker location. 

  • After the risk assessment the tanker driver may decide the job requires 2 people to carry out the work safely. If so, we may have to reschedule the visit with additional resource and charges.

  • Where your tank is more than 40 metres from where the tanker is stationary to the location of the septic tank, more suction hose will be required with additional charges

  • The cost quoted is for the removal and disposal of 4 tonne any additional tonnage removed will be at an additional cost per tonne


  • Our tanker driver will exercise due care and consideration when accessing your septic tank. Except where negligence is proven, we will not accept liability for damage to private drainage systems, driveways, forecourts, access roads, bridges, culverts, paths, lawns, verges, gates, borders and so on, or to any other areas, property or underground services which may be affected as a result of our tanker gaining access to your septic tank. 


The quotation provided includes for

  • The empty of the tank

  • Up to and including 30m of suction hose

  • The removal and disposal of up to 4 Tonne of waste

The quotation does not include for

  • Any additional suction hose over 30m

  • More than 4 tonne of waste

  • If waste sludge is solid, this will need to be watered down for removal and an additional charge will be applied.

  • If blockage occurs following the tank being emptied, an additional charge for the removal of the blockage will be applied.

  • If soakaway requires unblocking and the use of high pressure water jetting is required, an additional charge will be applied.

Controlling Wastewater Safeguards Public Health And Protects The Local Environment, We Have Been Proudly Serving Our Local Residential Communities And Business In Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Surrounding Areas For Over A Decade

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