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We are delighted to announce as part of our continued investment in specialist units for the Utilities, Commercial, Industrial and Construction Sectors, we have just added a new Cappellotto Recycling System Tanker Unit (CRS) to our tanker division. The CRS separates the water from the sludge through filters and separators, enabling it to be continuously and immediately re-used by the high pressure pump. The Caprecy uses a 5-stage sludge separation and water recycling system.

The CRS Unit is Rapid, Efficient, Economical and Ecological with the following benefits to our new and existing client:-

* Cost effective for our clients as work does not need to stop to refill tanks with water.

* The transport of dry residue maximises total tank capacity

* The condition of the cleaned pipes is safeguarded (no risk of abrasion)

* No interruptions in the work cycle while water is recycled

* Ability to work with large amounts of water in the pipe

* No down time

* Safeguarding of the pressure pump

* Ideal grease separation

* A complete automatic cleaning of the system


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