Whatever your Drain & Pipe Emergency, Diamond Drainage has the solution.  Fully Equipped and our Team Experienced in providing a 24 Hour Emergency Service - Day or Night, Weekends and the Holidays.  We supply a  comprehensive, reliable and safe drainage service to Montrose, Dundee and Perth, Scotland.


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Electro-Mechanical Drain and Pipe Equipment

in Montrose, Dundee and Perth

Another Solution For Blocked Drains

Drains can block and become ineffective for a number of reasons.  To remove blockages and clean drains of all varieties, require a flexible and versatile approach.  High Pressure Water Jetting is the most efficient technique, however due to structural and access limitations it isn't always possible.  Electro-mechanical drain cleaning is an efficient method used to remove blockages and descale pipework.

Flexible and Versatile

High pressure water jetting sometimes can't be used where there is a potential risk of flooding, such as toilets, sinks, dishwashers.  Electro mechanical cleaning offers an exceptional alternative for cleaning internal drainage within a property and can also be used on larger underground drains where restricted access means high pressure water jetting is not possible.


More Equipment
  • Removes stubborn blockages

  • Descales Limescale

  • Removes Concrete Deposits

  • Descales Uric Scale

  • Cleans smaller bore pipework

  • Removal of Tree Root Ingress

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