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Residential Septic Tank Installation

Dundee, Angus, Perth

We have built up a trusted network with insurance companies and independant residential customers and commit fully to delivering an excellent septic tank and residential waste treatment plant installation service and inspection

Septic Tank Inspection

Tank Installation and Inspection Dundee, Angus, Perth

Septic Tank problems can arise due to misuse of the system which can prevent the tank working properly, usually by the following:

  • Not keeping the drainage field protected and operational

  • Putting inappropriate items and chemicals into the system some cleaning products can kill off the natural bacteria, upsetting the eco balance of the system

  • Not having the tank emptied and checked regularly by a specialist contractor

We can provide an operatives to visit your property and give your septic tank a thorough investigation and give you a summary report with the  condition of the tank and make recommendations.  

We also have specially tailored survey solutions for both home buyers and home sellers. Click here for more information about surveys for buyers and sellers.

Septic Tank Installation Dundee, Angus, Perth
Water Treatment Plant installation Dundee, Angus, Perth

Septic Tank And Wastewater Treatment Plant  Installation

Dundee, Angus, Perth

Surface Water and Foul Water Drainage Dundee, Angus, Perth

Diamond Drainage offer a replacement and renewal service for septic tanks and waste treatment plants.  


Over time sometimes the soakaway can become inactive due to the amount of household cleaning materials going into the system, Diamond Drainage can also provide a renewal service for your soakaway​.

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