Whatever your Drain & Pipe Emergency, Diamond Drainage has the solution.  Fully Equipped and our Team Experienced in providing a 24 Hour Emergency Service - Day or Night, Weekends and the Holidays.  We supply a  comprehensive, reliable and safe drainage service to Montrose, Dundee and Perth, Scotland.


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Drain and Sewer Cleaning

in Montrose, Dundee and Perth


When it comes to commercial drain and sewer cleaning, Diamond Drainage can provide the best expertise, methods and technology to overcome the most stubborn of blockages and cleaning.

Drains typically build up scale and debris over time and can cause major disruptions.  Bad smells and noises start to appear indicating the need for attention.

Diamond Drainage provide a fast, cost effective service for descaling and cleaning surface water and foul drainage.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Equipment

Using the latest technology, techniques and experience, our full range of equipment with various types of drain and pipe vehicles at our disposal, including tanker for larger diameter pipework.   Diamond Drainage have the capabilities to perform any type of drain, pipe or sewer cleaning. 


Our engineers are trained and certified to the highest of standards in all aspects of drainage work, with full health and safety accreditation.

Preparation is Key

Most of our clients take advantage of our PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) for drain and flood prevention.


Diamond Drainage also operate 24 hours, 7 days a week service, to cover all eventualities for our customers.  Drainage emergencies can occur when least expected and we are prepared to answer our customers call whatever time of day, night, evening and weekends.

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