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Residential CCTV Surveys

Dundee, Angus, Perth

A CCTV drainage condition survey can provide you with a full visual inspection and conditional report alongside survey data.  Our advanced remote visual inspection technology can deliver high definition imagery and video footage below ground, within pipework, voids and confined spaces.

CCTV Surveys And Inspections Dundee, Angus, Perth

Identify Structural Problems In Drain And Pipes 

Diamond Drainage CCTV Survey Systems can clearly identify any defects or faults in pipework, drains, sewers and can establish the most practical and best cost effective solution to bring the drain and pipes back to an excellent condition and full flow.

In addition to this our surveys offer the identification of potential faults before they become an emergency.

  • Establishes Any Structural Problems

  • Can identify any subsidence

  • Identify Rodent Infestation

  • Tree Roots in the drainage system

CCTV survey Dundee Angus Perth

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CCTV Drainage Report Dundee, Angus, Perth

CCTV Survey Drainage Report Dundee, Angus, Perth

Drainage Survey Report Elgin, Inverness, Highlands

Diamond Drainage provide a full comprehensive report on the condition of the drains and pipes in your household. The reports will provide the condition of the drainage system, with full footage of the survey together with still photographs of any defects found.  A remedial cost and plan will be included, should any defects be found.

  • Still Photographs of any problem areas

  • A plan with the layout of the drainage from the household.

  • Full Structural Report

  • An electronic Report encompassing footage and report straight to your inbox.

  • Detailed Plan with any remedial work required.

  • Full Video Footage

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Our Operatives are all Disclosure Scotland Checked for safety and security


Fully Insured drainage service using environmentally free cleaning activities

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No call out charges apply to any of our drainage services and operational activities

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CCTV drain structural reports.
To Dundee, Angus, Perth.